Chomp is a wolf spirit from Cavil, Heliopolis. Not much more about his origins is known.

He's currently making a living by kidnapping and selling humans either to other humans or to myths together with his henchman Muncher. He's also the head of an organisation selling human flesh on the Cavil Black Market, as well as Snuff films and sex slaves. Therefor he's a highly wanted criminal even though police can't name him by name through a complicated and convoluted pyramid scheme.

Opposed to his criminal record and what he does for a living, Chomp is described as an intriguing and lovable person. He frequently help Tan-Tan over at her Ramen Stand, Blackjack from the trouble she gets into by gambling and helps around Cavil with money and welfare because the Heliopolis city counsel has basically given up on the area, letting the houses and apartments decay. Chomp is actually, despise his work, viewed as a hero by the people in Cavil due to the massive amount of charity work he does.