A Human term for anything non-human with magical properties. It is often seen as a derogatory term as humans has the stereotype that all Myths are Crooks. In fact they're basically lumping a huge group of different people together when there's a huge, wide range of different Myths. More often than not they are seen as second class citizens, and thus they live in the less expensive areas of towns such as Cavil.

Example of different Myths include:

Humans Categorisation of Myths According to Danger (CMAD) Edit

According to the CMAD there's a point system according to how strong the myths are, based on how their powers work and what kind of Myth they are. For example a Jackalope would be a level 2 Myth, but if it posses magical properties above average, like any kind of elemental control, they would be categorized according to that as well and thus landing on a level 4.













  1. Low level myths, low chance of magic properties. These are typically not a threat towards humans and generally doesn't need any special care if problem should arise; examples include Ghost (though not other spirits), Ent and Fairy.
  2. Low-Mid level myths, low-mid chance of magic properties. They aren't a big threat towards humans and are easy to handle if problem should arise; examples include: Jackalope, Skvader and Kappa.
  3. Mid level myths, moderate chance of magic properties. Caution should be taken, though no special force is needed; examples include Merfolk, Merhybrids and the many kinds of Hulder.
  4. Mid-High myths, moderately high chance of magic properties; examples include Animal spirits,
  5. High level myths, high chance of magic properties; examples include Dragon, Demon
  6. Extreme level myths, a guaranteed chance of high-level magic properties; examples include Kraken, Thunderbird, The Lady of the Mountain.

Witches and Wizards are typically not considered Myths, but rather humans with magical properties. These are instead put upon a pedestal as something great, opposed to being a myth which is something bad.